One Direction’s Zayn Malik on Hiatus from Tour Due to Stress

One Direction’s Zayn Malik on Hiatus from Tour Due to Stress

Fans of the band One Direction were shocked to hear that band member Zayn Malik will be taking a hiatus from the tour life, apparently due to stress. A source says that Zayn has a hard time coping with being under the public eye constantly. Out of all of the band members, fame has been the most stressful for him. With recent reports circulating that Malik has been cheating on his fiancee, he has reached his limit and decided to take some time off, going home to the U.K. in order to recollect himself. He will be staying with his family in England until he is doing better, as they are extremely concerned about his welfare.

The rumors about his relationship pushed Malik to the edge, prompting him to take to Twitter in an attempt to defend himself. He was also defended by his sister who says that he is just very hurt because of all of the stress and rumors. The singer’s sister, Safaa, says that her brother will be fine, and urges the public to stop picking on him and giving him such a hard time. Thankfully for fans, Malik will hopefully be rejoining his band members in due time.



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