Bliss & Mischief and Re/Done give new life to old jeans

Bliss & Mischief and Re/Done give new life to old jeans

Bliss and Mischief and Re/Done are two of the up-and-coming fashion designer with a common mission - that is to revive old jeans and give them a new life.

Bliss and Mischief (BAM) is designed and founded by Hilary Justin. She grew up checking out the many local antique and vintage stores. Her favorite activity with her parents was to hunt vintage shops while on vacation. She studied art and also majored in psychology. With BAM, Hilary combined her fashion and love for vintage. She not only sources vintage clothes, she also revamps old pieces. All pieces are one-of-a-kind and are intricately handmade.

The vintage fabrics give the jeans a fresh look and the artwork makes it look contemporary. Hilary curates vintage clothing, so apart from jeans; you will also find jumpsuits, kimonos, and vintage t-shirts.

Re/Done is a luxury brand brought together by Sean Barron and Jamie Mazur. They founded this company in a bid to enable sustainable fashion while restoring the heritage of brands.

Re/Done curates pre-loved Levi’s jeans and gives them a new life. The old jeans are pulled apart for the fabric and repurposed for a new design. Their jeans range from the popular skinny to the trendy boyfriend jeans. However, there are only limited pieces for every type of jeans. The jeans are manufactured in LA.

Both Re/Done and Bliss and Mischief encourage customers to give their old jeans a new life with their own designs or ideas they may have. The jeans are measured and tailored to suit the customer’s size.

This is a movement and like no other. Redesigning your old jeans reflects individuality in every unique piece.


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