Men's latest and bizarre hairstyles

Men's latest and bizarre hairstyles

In 17th Century, men used the French style wigs and also started to grow long, wavy or hair with curls. It was common for the French men to dye their hair during that time. These styles were adopted by the king or by any ruler and were copied by fellow countrymen. Every country had its own popular style. Most upper-class men adopted styles that were complicated and expensive.


As the times changed, the hairstyles also changed.


In the recent years there are more hairstyles for teen, youngster and for adults. No one really knows if one hairstyle will become a fad or a favourite of a particular generation. The main reason that bizarre hairstyles are adopted seems to be to get attention and to stand out from the crowd.


At a show in Milan, styling was done to have boys look manly and a man to look like a boy. The hairstyles were featured in both casual and professional styles.


There are hairstyles that are considered to be the latest trends and bizarre styles. They are


  • Retro style of 1960’s where the men had side parting.
  • Beards with short hair, buzz cuts or bald
  • Spiky hairstyle using gel
  • Military cuts
  • Long hair – braided, dreadlocks, or ponytails
  • Shaved sides and lower back of head with beards
  • Shaved sides with the top in a ponytail
  • Designs cut into short hair – zigzags or stripes
  • Bleached – entire head or just the ends of dreadlocks.
  • Mohawks








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