Punk hairsyles for girls

Punk hairsyles for girls

If you don’t like regular hairstyles and you want to be noticed, there are some haircuts that may help you. All of them look completely different and they guarantee you that every person will notice you.

  • Long hot pink and tousled is the best way if you want to show your girly side. If you have a bold and fun personality, hot pink color paired with sky blue highlights is something that you should try. Your hair’s natural texture will shine. At any time you can improve your hair’s texture with a dry shampoo or any other volumizer, and apply hair paste on the ends.
  • Curly tri-colored long punk is great for girls with curly hair. You can even shave one side of your head. If you want to hide it, all you need to do is to put your hair across that side. It is very simple as well. You should: leave the 1/3 of your hair naturally, the other 2/3 bleach and dye the last part with any funky color you want.
  • Electric steampunk looks completely different. This hairstyle with electric blue hair color is pretty and impressive. You will be noticed at any club or anywhere you go. Before you want to dye your hair in some vivid color, don’t forget to bleach it first. Remember to apply the color you want in separate processes. In order to your hair stays shiny and healthy, condition it often.
  • The best punk statement is black Mohawk hairstyle. It looks spectacular and you will look like your rock idol. Although, the black color is the most popular, you can use any color you like. 



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