Stunning Ways to Wear a Ponytail

Stunning Ways to Wear a Ponytail

Ponytails originally were worn to keep the hair out of a woman or girl’s eyes. They can be worn informally, in the office, when exercising and can be worn for formal affairs. They can be tied up with a ribbon, elastic or fancy accessories. They are most often created by gathering the hair at the center of the back of the head, at the neckline, over one ear or to one side of the neck.

Here are three styles for long hair.

High Sweep: The hair is swept back from the face and upward toward the crown of the head. The hair is gathered and held in place with an elastic band or a jeweled clip. If an elastic band is used, the hair can be twisted and circled around the elastic to form a loose bun and fastened with pins or long picks.

Side Sweep: The hair is swept to one side and gathered behind one ear close to the hairline. It can be held in place with an elaborate clip or ribbon. The “tail” of the ponytail can be curled in many ringlets, one large ringlet or left loose and flowing.

Braided: The hair is swept towards the back of the head or to the side and then braided. An elegant rendition can be made from a braided ponytail at the back of the head and then wind the braid around its base to form a figure-8 either in the middle of the head or low near the hairline. Jeweled combs or pins can be added for more formal occasions.                                                                                                                                                                               







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