The right haircut for women with heart-shaped faces

The right haircut for women with heart-shaped faces

If you aren’t sure do you have a heart-shaped face ask your hairstylist or search on the internet. As you already know, in order to have a hairstyle that will suit you perfectly, you must match it with your face shape. For example, one of the most beautiful actresses with a heart-shaped face is Reese Witherspoon. She and her hair always look great. You already saw her with short hair, long waves or shoulder-length bobs, but she always has side-swept bangs. This is the most important part of a haircut for women with heart-shaped faces. Those women have faces that are wider at the top. According to the Andy LeCompte, a hairstylist from LA, they can look a bit top heavy. Long, side-swept bangs will help you balance this and draw attention down. The shortest part of your hair should come at the arch of your brow. On the other side, the longest part should hit the outer corners of your eyes.

If you like a pixie hairstyle, this is good news for you. All of them will look great on you. Of course, if you have a heart-shaped face. Thanks to those small pieces, your eyes and cheekbones will be emphasized. This will look like you have built in cheekbone with this cut. This comes from Jimmy Paul, a professional stylist. Also, the good side of pixie haircut is that they are wash-and-go. They even look like this. But, you will need trimming every five or eventually six weeks. According to Rodney Cutler, from the Glamour magazine, this type of haircut is good for women without curly or kinky hair.



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