What’s with the half-shaved heads?

What’s with the half-shaved heads?

The Half-Shaved head hairstyle first appeared 9 years ago, and the celeb that started this planetary women hairstyle was Cassie (Casandra Elizabeth Ventura), an actress, dancer, and singer. She shaved the right side of her head, leaving the left side long creating a sophisticated punk-glam look, which soon took over the planet and became a trend.


However, even though she had technically started this trend, Cassie doesn’t want to take all the credit for it. She is glad, though, that her style change did inspire women all over the planet and that the look became so popular.

She said that the first time she shaved half of her head, she did it because she wanted to change something and do something that will set her apart from the rest, but never expected that it would become so popular.

Today, with so many famous women rocking a half-shaved head, Cassie says that she loves every single version of that hairstyle, and each woman does it in her own way.

Stars such as Rihanna, Ellie Goulding, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and plenty more, all wear a half-shaved style and each has their own version, and something new implemented in the style. This is great because all of them are united (at least as far as hairstyles are concerned), yet each is adding their own twist to the half bare look.

If you decide to have the half-shaved head hairstyle, make sure you are sure you want it because it is really hard to grow back into a more traditional hairstyle. You know how it is with fashion trends, they tend to change rather fast, and what is popular today might not be popular tomorrow.





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