Stowaway Cosmetics Makeup Set Small Enough for Your Pocket

Stowaway Cosmetics Makeup Set Small Enough for Your Pocket

Makeup enthusiasts will surely rejoice with the Stowaway Cosmetics makeup set that is small enough for one's pocket.

Stowaway understands the struggle of every lady to put everything in their little clutch. With its line of small makeup sets, ladies no longer have to worry about having to leave some of their most valuable cosmetics at home.

Stowaway Cosmetics is saving girls from sacrificing any of their beauty essentials when travelling. There's no need to carry a bulky purse because a tiny, stylish one will do with Stowaway Cosmetic compact items. Last February, these Stowaway products were launched and the number of sales the company gained since then is truly remarkable.

For only $75 for the entire kit, a buyer can have a BB cream, lipstick, concealer, eyeliner, mascara and a lip and cheek rouge that comes in a pot. The items can be purchased at $10 to $22 each. The cosmetics come in an array of colors so buyers are free to choose from the range of shades and choose one that matches their skin tone.

The Stowaway Cosmetic kit, which holds several items, can be held in just the palms of one's hand. This is how portable these products are. It makes travelling a lot easier and more convenient.

Apart from the products’ smaller package, these are cosmetics made of quality materials. These stay on the skin for a long time giving the wearer the kind of glow that is hard not to notice.


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