Tips for creating sleek hair style

Tips for creating sleek hair style

Girls always love that their air should look shiny and sleek. Today we will discuss some tips how you can take care of your hairs and give them sleek look.

1.     Always prefer rollers over round brush, after blowing your hair, set them in rollers till the time they get dry.
2.    Use heat tamer spray to protect your hair while applying heat to your hair, this will protect them from getting damaged.
3.    Always face the dryer to the end of the hair, this will help in making them smooth and tangles free.
4.    Don’t forget to give cool air blow to your hair after using warm blower; this will give your hair a long-lasting shine.
5.    If you use iron for your hair, always use ceramic iron. Don’t forget to make them completely dry with blower before using iron over them; if they are wet the iron will damage your hair.
6.    Hold your blower for not more than five seconds on a same place, if you will hold it at same place for longer time, it may burn your hair or may cause other kind of damages.
7.    Cover and protect your hair before giving heat to them, this protects them from frying.
8.    If you use products like conditioner don’t wait for longer for your hair to dry up, apply when they are freshly damp then use your heat blower. This will help you in getting shiny, smooth and healthy hairs.

Take proper steps while using products and equipment on your hairs. Take guidance from expert and don’t use them without any guidance, you may damage your hair.



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